Friday, August 15, 2014

First of all I wanted to extend a quick, "Welcome Back!" to all of our curriculum folks who are returning to campus today for the start of the fall 2014 semester! We're glad to have you all on campus!

Also, I wanted to share a link with you all regarding the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC). This is a credential for ANYONE whether they are still working on their high school diploma/GED® or if they've already completed a post-secondary diploma or degree. The link is to an article written to CFCC President Dr. Ted Spring about the importance of the CRC.

Check it out here:

Thanks for reading and I'll be posting more updates as they come!

Best regards,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hi all! It has been TOO LONG since my last post! Final exams (on my end) got a bit hairy! For those of you know don't know I am currently in graduate school pursuing an M.A. in Criminology & Public Sociology!

Nevertheless I am back in action! I wanted to get the word out that cap & gown orders for GED® and Adult High School (AHS) graduates will be NEXT WEEK!

Students at the downtown campus can order on Tuesday, June 24th between 4pm and 6pm at the college bookstore and north campus students can order on Monday, June 23rd from 11am to 1pm and from 4pm to 6pm.

Students may also order online ANYTIME at

Remember! You want the light blue cap & gown to represent our program! As always, ALL family members are welcome (there is no limit)!!!

Graduation will be held on Friday, August 1st, at 4pm in the Schwartz Center! We hope to see EVERYONE there!

Thanks for reading and I'll do my best to keep the information flowing!

Best regards,
Leigh R. Brazel
Transition Specialist
Cape Fear Community College
(910) 362-7677
Twitter: @askLeighRice

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Basic Skills Plus pathway!

Hi all,

We have a brand new Basic Skills Plus pathway beginning this summer!!!!!!!!

The new pathway is called Hospitality & Food Service and enables students to work on their GED® and complete the Hospitality & Restaurant Management Certification through Cape Fear Community College! We have a wonderful partnership and we can't wait to get this program off the ground! If you know anyone who is interested in hotel or restaurant management, culinary, catering, banquet services, food services, convention center or other event organization and coordinating PLEASE have them contact me (Leigh) at their convenience!

Classes start soon!

I can be reached by phone at (910) 362-7677 or by Email at

Best regards,
Leigh R. Brazel

GED® 2014... WE NEED YOU!

Hi all,

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post! Wow, time flies!!

I just wanted to remind all of you about our Open House event tomorrow (Saturday, April 5th)!! There will be 100+ educational exhibits, and, OF COURSE, we in Basic Skills will be one of them!!!

Of course my posting about Open House is two-tailed... WE NEED MORE STUDENTS! This new GED® is designed to help students EXCEL! Tell your folks not be afraid, intimidated, shy, or reluctant!!!!


I can understand a certain level of anxiety around the new test, however, we have an EXCELLENT staff of instructors and administrators that are trained, willing and able to work with students AT ALL ACADEMIC LEVELS! Besides, we are proving the GED® Ready, GED Testing Service's OFFICIAL practice exam at NO COST to our students!

The practice test results provide you with a scale score which indicates how likely you are to pass the official GED® as well as a complete list of resources to help you better prepare! There is literally a page number in a book for every question a student answers incorrectly (regardless of whether or not their final score is passing)!! How can you go wrong!?!?!?

Come see us or send your friends, family, neighbors, complete strangers, anyone you encounter who needs to finish high school! Our High School Equivalency Exam Prep program is currently preparing students for the new exam AND don't forget our Adult High School program where students can complete any remaining credits they need for graduation!!!

GED® questions should be directed to (910) 362-7141 or (910) 362-7169 and AHS questions should be directed to (910) 362-7182 and (910) 362-7290!!!

Hope to see you all soon!

Best regards,

Monday, February 10, 2014

My CFCC: Email, Web Advisor & more...

Hi folks! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I would like to reiterate to ALL users (students, staff & instructors) that your My CFCC Email is SUPER important! Keep up with CFCC news, school closings, bookstore SALES (everyone loves a good clearance sale) and more!

Also, students, when you transition to college ALL communication will be sent to you through this Email address! Financial aid information, registration information, communication with instructors & classmates!

Not only is it important to know your login information when logging into any computer on campus but you also need all of the aforementioned tools as well!

In addition to Email your online classes or online homework for a hybrid class will be in Blackboard. You can access Blackboard from your My CFCC dashboard (login screen). Here you can find your class syllabus, assignments, and grades!

Web Advisor is another SUPER important part of My CFCC. Web Advisor is the platform you will use to register for classes, check your CFCC account balance, see how much your financial aid refund will be & more!

There are so many online resources at your fingertips, be sure and log on today and see what is available!

Need help getting your username & password?! CFCC has a student help desk! Give them a call at (910) 362-7778 (downtown campus) or (910) 362-7570 (north campus)

Happy computing! As always, if I can be of assistance let me know!

Best regards,
Leigh R. Brazel
Transition Specialist
Cape Fear Community College


As it turns out February is Financial Aid Awareness Month! That means that the Financial Aid staff at Cape Fear Community College will be available EVERY FRIDAY IN FEBRUARY for assistance with the FAFSA (free application for federal student aid).

As your Transition Specialist I am always available to help, however, if you've got a busy week you know that Fridays will be open!

The CFCC Financial Aid office is located in Union Station (just ask the information desk, they'll point you in the right direction).

While I'm at it--let's talk about preparing for the upcoming academic year. As most of you have heard financial aid spans an ACADEMIC YEAR not a calendar year. That means that if you are currently receiving financial aid you are covered until June 30, 2014.

However, if you are planning to attend summer classes and you DO NOT already receive financial aid your deadline is coming soon! Current financial aid applications require 2012 tax information, however, as soon as you have filed your 2013 tax return it is time to start applying for financial aid for  the fall 2014 semester (which begins in August).

I know that's a lot of information but that's what I'm hear (to give you a TON of info but also to help answer questions and let you know what your next steps are)!!

So if you haven't already, let's get busy! Summer will be here before you know it!!

Thanks for reading!

Leigh R. Brazel
Transition Specialist
Cape Fear Community College

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Selective Service, are you registered? (Fellas only)

One issue I ran into quite a bit this semester was male students who were never registered for Selective Service. When males turn 18 they receive a letter/postcard from the Selective Service asking them to register. If the man does not complete the registration he MUST complete it before the age of 26. This can be done anytime by visiting and completing the online application process.

If a student is over the age of 26 he will be required to request a status letter from Selective Service (it can take up to 90 days to receive this letter so oftentimes deadlines are missed because the request cannot be fulfilled in time).

Male students who have not registered with Selective Service are not eligible for financial aid!

However, FEAR NOT! One of the questions on the FAFSA (financial aid application) is whether or not the student is registered and, if not, there is an option to select "register me" at that time.

This, among other reasons, is why I ask students to be very careful when completing their online application for Financial Aid.

If there are ever any questions please contact your Transition Specialist (that's ME!) at (910) 362-7677 or by email at You can also contact the Financial Aid office in the new Union Station building as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a great semester so far!

Leigh R. Brazel